wtorek, 11 lutego 2014

Back from the dead! (hopefully)

Soo, I haven't posted here for ages, have I? It's mainly because I didn't feel like it neither had time for that. A lot of things have changed, I went to England to study, found an loving boyfriend, changed styles across the months and finally came back to gyaru.

But why to revive this old piece of diary now?

Well, after seeing that a lot of people is still blogging I decided to do so as well. I guess it will help me a bit with getting around in the community, plus I feel like I have actually something to blog about now.

In the next couple of days I'm planning also to do vlogs - how will that go no one knows, but I want to try!

Because there is a lot to write about, for now I am just gonna share with you things I've bought/ got recently.

First, but not last are new lenses! I used princess mimi before, and even if i know they make my eyes dry, after thinking for a month I decided to order them! It's the Cafe series Latte Brown pair, will probably make a review soon :) Just need to find time when it's still bright outside!

New (already have wet marks....) shoes! Even if a lot of people hate on this kind of boots, I like how they look and they are extremely comfy! Because I have to stand for a lot in my job, I barely wear heels nowadays (doesn't help that my ankles hurt when I do so, I think my bones aren't well after I broke my leg two years ago still ;__;)

Make up with new nails, lenses and extensions <3

Make up & outfit from pre-brithday date with my hubby <3 Diamond tears <3

Photo from my 21st birthday! Yes, I am chubby now (marshmallow LOL), that's one of the reasons why I didn't want to post on here ;_; Wore Forever21 jeans jacket, jeans skirt from Tally Weijil, tights with crosses from Primark and long dark grey boots from CCC (Naomi). Plussss one of my gifts - watch from MK <3 I was in love with it for a long time but hell, £140?! Good that my bf saw me looking at it and bought me one <3 Thank you darling!

Cake made by me <3

My cute laptop! Old one broke down before summer, so finally got hold of new one <3 Christmas gift from my parents, wasn't even expensive but I truly love it <3

That's all for now, next post coming soon! Hopefull you didn't get bored haha <3

sobota, 29 grudnia 2012

Hi all! I'm back after more than year hiatus!

Hi all!
My hiatus was extra long and I dunno why it took me so much time to even write something. As some of you know from my facebook page, I found a boyfriend 1,5 year ago and moved to England to study and be close to him. Because money don't grow on trees, I had to find a work which I don't really like, but at least I am getting paid. Fair enough.
Even if I tried to stay the same weight you have seen on my previous posts, I didn't quite manage well. I gained almost 10 kg after surgery due to it, probably. I didn't change my eating habits, tbf I eat even less sometimes, but my weight is hardly changing. Trying to lose it, to be 57 as planned, but it is gonna take ages, really.
I planned to go back to gyaru fashion as well. That is why I thought about recreating this blog, to post fashion stuff but also some random crap about my life in Queens Country :)
Because it's right after Christmas, I want to do this entry about it. This year I couldn't spend this magical time with my family, as I had no money for plane tickets and decided to stay with my bf's family in St Albans. We had turkey, Christmas pudding and all festive stuff for dinner, after which came (YES OF COURSE) GIFTSSSS. I bought him Versace Pour de Homme gift set which he wanted really badly. In reward I got my beloved fragrance Loverdose by Diesel. His parents gave me a big box full of Sanctuary Covent Garden Spa goodies :) Was pretty surprising, as I did not expect them to give me anything. I was happy just with staying somewhere during Christmas, as spending such stuff alone is not my thing. 26th in England is Boxing day which means SALES EVERYWHERE! I went to downtown and found my long time awaited Jeffrey Campbell shoes. They had litas, but I looked better in these I got (Damsel) and I paid only £29! Considering they are like 150 I just had to ;___; Aside of that I bought Cath Kidston bag for £20 and jacket from River Island for £20 ;_; Spent so much but I don't regret it! Now I'm completely broke and still need to pay rent T_T Payyy come quicker....
When I came back I went to DPD depo on Friday to pick up my parcel from parents for Christmas. I love love love them so much, sent me so many nice stuff to eat and wear and my mom made me a sweater for Christmas I asked for ;___; Its so adorable that I can't stand it!
Photos time now about gifts!
My parcel contents - chocolate and leggings and everything <3

Gifts from my bf and his parents- bag missing cause I have my stuff inside already :)
Will post a photo of it in next entry!

Loverdose EDP 30ml isn't it adorable <3
River Island Jacket <3 So warm!
I'm gonna dye my hair with these :D To full pink with lilac ends <3
After that I'm going probably back to brown which I miss <3
After shopping tired face photo - you can see how happy I was XD
My precioussssssss <3
Tired after work with messed up hair - but sweater <3
Bunny time!
Cath Kidston bag- looks like LizLisa right?:D

See you guys in next entry!




wtorek, 5 lipca 2011

Princess Mimi (Bambi) Series Eyelenses in Chocolatte Brown REVIEW!


So as promised i decided to make a little review of my lately bought lenses. I must say it was first time for me, to order something this expensive from other country, not saying from China.
 From all the sites i browsed the best offer had shop called Eyecandylens (eyecandylens.com).
 Month passed before i actually ordered them, because i wasn't sure if the size will look good on me. 
With my friend we ordered 2 pairs of eyelenses and they had 2 weeks to send them. 
After 7 days i started to worry because they weren't coming and i was leaving to Germany in 5 days. 
But on 9th day they came in small, bubble wrapped inside, packade :D There was shop sticker added on it. Inside i found two, cute wrapped, small packages with eyelenses and the additional free case. I must say i was positively astonished, because the shiping fee was totally free and the lenses were on sale too. What to add- just great deal :D Seriously i'm their buyer next time if i want lenses, no joking :P
So the lenses look VERY BIG on my eye. 
I like them but still...a lil bit too big for my face : ( 
I'll wear them anyway.
So as you can see they're REALLY big and make you look innocent as BAMBI :D
Diffrence in sizes :) I have blue-green eyes!

Make up and all photo
What to write...Oh right!
I had 4 other eyelenses before, 2 from geo and one from johnson (? dunno). This one is geo too. Aside the size which saddly, feels my eye really much, they're comfortable to wear. The only thing i don't like in them is the water percent. They're super dry for me, so i have to wash them every 3h or my eyes will burn. I didn't had this problem with my violet lenses, maybe it's because of size? Nah i don't think so.
Aside this little problem i must say they're good choice.



So at the end they have 4/5 STARS :D I like the color really much <3 And they're good pigmented so.. I'm thinking about ordering Sesame Gray ones :D What do u think ppl?

NEXT COMING: Shoes Show! Stay tuned!

piątek, 1 lipca 2011

Back and summer holidays!

Gosh! I haven't been checking this blog for more than one month : o i feel so bad about not doing so :(
In this time too much things happened in my boring life. First i was on party, where i met many of my current best friends. Secondly, i went to Germany for one week. And as last thing, i feel in love and got refused. Meanwhile i searched for a job, ended my 2nd year in high school and bought too many nice clothes....And Faris was staying at my house too :)

As you can see there was TOO MUCH THINGS GOING ON to write about each. I was too lazy anyway xD I hope you don't mind~~

I met awesome people, which are my strengh now. Not only girls (Sara <3, Natalia <3, Nadia) but also boys :) I wanted to thank all my friends for cheering me all the time and listening to my blabling ^^

Lame photo is lame, because i hadn't got time to prepare my make up correctly :( With Sara and Natalia <3 (make-up by me xD)
Starting now i'm going to do reviews to beauty things and make co-ord posts, even daily :) We'll see if i'm that lazy or not.

Let's get summer holidays started!;)

poniedziałek, 23 maja 2011


Title taken from song by famous korean pop group Big Bang.

Lately a lot of good and bad things happened. I wanted to write this entry a week ago, but because of approaching end of school year i had too much work to do. Even now I'm searching something for classes. THIS IS MADNESS really. On weekend i wanted to sleep longer- my body doesn't wanted so i had only couple of hours to relax.
Well this entry is going to be photo-rich one, so stay tuned!

1. Last week i went with my sis to the cinema. She won tickets in some of competition on net and because she has no friends (really) she forced me to go with. Good for me it was some VIP premiere of Pirates of the caribbeans *_* I love whole saga, so i didn't mind skipping comp classes and going too see it. Because i had a little more time before it started i went to shopping mall nearby to buy eyelash curler. Of course i ended buying some nail colors and creme.... ;_;
Starting from left: Loreal Triple Active for mixed skin, Golden Rose nailpolish, eyecurler
The movie itself was enjoyable, I liked it but tbh it wasn't so OMGOMGMOGMOGM. Okay the atmosphere was ok and creepy sometimes; I'd rate it 6/10 though :)

2. I went for whole weekend to my grandma's house where my hairdresser lives. Saddly, she went to an rehabilitation, so my mum dyed my hair yesterday. Well i don't love the results too much, because my mom gave a little too much paint instead of dye lol.
While i was there i painted my nails with help of these bought ones on last photo :D enjoy ^^

Nails <3 i love them :D Next time i'll do something more romantic,
i promise haha
I look ugly, sorry XD this is the color :d
Many says that i look bad in it though TT"
After a little break i'm going to darken it....
3. Today i went shopping with my mum. Well at first i went alone, but because i couldn't decide which shoes to buy i waited for her to finish job and come to me XD I made her angry as well...While i was reading on the highest lvl in the mall she phoned me and i didn't heard it. After 10 min i discovered that she's waiting and immediatly run there but she's already pissed off XD I had to pay with my own card (she left hers at home lol) but i'm still happy for new shoes <3
Photos of some models that i feel in love with also and my today's purchase :D
They're amazingly thin heeled :O
but i loved it (and my mom didn't)

They're my 2nd ones that i couldn't decide on.
But they're too loose on my feet after some steps :(

I feel in love with them at first sight
But they're too high i think
And too thin heeled for such an fat woman like me haha

And my today's purchase <3 Shoes, KOBO eyeshadowbase, eyebrow  pencil and fake nail cutter XD
4. I ordered my Princess Mimi eyelenses today <3 Can't wait to wear them!

środa, 11 maja 2011


Today i had a long meeting with one of my old friends. We hadn't seen ourself more than a half year ;; When i saw her i realized, how much i've been missing our shopping spree meetings : ( Saddly, not whole day was so superb for me. I had a huge year exam from German today. And of course i didn't learn for it. No. Why? Well first of all it was Reading+ Listening+ Essay so i quite didn't knew what to repeat. Because i got home late yesterday due to computer classes, i started to refresh grammar at....11 pm? Quite late. I went to bed really soon and woke up at 5 am to learn more.
I did on the 2 parts really ok i think. BUT WRITING WAS SO FU*KING WERID.
I bet i have bazilliard of grammar mistakes as aways. But screw it, anyway.
After i came home from meeting i got scolded by my mum, for coming home late (wtf? it was 7 pm :/ ) and not answering her calls. I wanted to re-call her but i don't have ANY money left on my phone card. I know she was only worried and so, but still, it was first time after really long period, when she was that angry.
Anyway i had measured some clothes on TKMaxx with Xell so photos ~~ ( i bought only and ring saddly : ()
I think this body was quite funny to wear :D saddly, i'm too fat something like this XD"

Today outfit for DSD probe prufung and shopping then :D

Some not-cute close up *i was so sweaty that i broke my make up a little :(*

The ring i bought today <3
So, yesterday i registered also on two, dating/meeting people sites. My friend Regina forced me to, but i think it's a brilliant idea as well xD Does anybody has account on hey-ai.com or http://love4asianmen.com/ ?:D I know that i'm a pathetic woman sometimes, okay xDD

piątek, 6 maja 2011

Back! Let's get motivated!

So I'm finally back! My hiatus was kinda long, sorry =^_^'= It's because i spent whole april on sitting home and recovering after operation. For those who want to know I'll write, what was the cause of it ;)
In december last year i discovered small bump on my throat. Because a lot of my classmates were sick back then, so i thought that it can be biggered lymph node and left it without going to doc. After week it was so HUGE that i went to ask wth is this thing. My lovely doc saw it and didn't knew what caused it so we've made some blood tests. Results were fine, so she sended me to hospital. They did USG to chceck it aaand....It was a tumor on my thryroid : O I stayed there for 4 days and went home. In January they sended me to clinic to get a visit by endocrynologist. He planned my surgery for 3rd April :D And it was done! Now i must take pills to the end of my life (whyyyy ;_;)  and come to consultations every 2-3 months D: My voice is kinda damaged too...


Lately I've been practicing gyaru make up more and more <3 I was on diet too but period attacked me and I just HAD to eat some chocolate ;______;  I'm thinking about bleaching my hair a little to light brown. What do you think?:D On photos it's not my natural color, just to let you know XD My natural one is pitch dark brown, almost black o-o
Today i went out shopping but saddly, i haven't found anything interesting 8| Some photos!(+ one photo from 2 weeks ago, but it's too shopping one so).
I fell in love with those shorts but they were the only pair in whole TKMaxx
and i didn't had money back then...now i bet they're sold already :/

I was thinking about buying that blouse...for training and daily use.
What do you think?

Yesterday i tried to do some make-up with lower lashes but i suck and it turned out quite bad 8|" sorry~! In next entry I'll make BEFORE/AFTER photos, so stay tuned!:D

I'm feeling kinda depressed lately too.Why? Because i can't response to strage people. I can't look anyone straight in the eyes. I'm just too embarassed/shy and instead of smilling (which i really like and they're smiling to me so i want to response with a smile too) i'm making angry face. I'm really trying to find what's wrong with me > _> And i'm fat haha.