wtorek, 11 lutego 2014

Back from the dead! (hopefully)

Soo, I haven't posted here for ages, have I? It's mainly because I didn't feel like it neither had time for that. A lot of things have changed, I went to England to study, found an loving boyfriend, changed styles across the months and finally came back to gyaru.

But why to revive this old piece of diary now?

Well, after seeing that a lot of people is still blogging I decided to do so as well. I guess it will help me a bit with getting around in the community, plus I feel like I have actually something to blog about now.

In the next couple of days I'm planning also to do vlogs - how will that go no one knows, but I want to try!

Because there is a lot to write about, for now I am just gonna share with you things I've bought/ got recently.

First, but not last are new lenses! I used princess mimi before, and even if i know they make my eyes dry, after thinking for a month I decided to order them! It's the Cafe series Latte Brown pair, will probably make a review soon :) Just need to find time when it's still bright outside!

New (already have wet marks....) shoes! Even if a lot of people hate on this kind of boots, I like how they look and they are extremely comfy! Because I have to stand for a lot in my job, I barely wear heels nowadays (doesn't help that my ankles hurt when I do so, I think my bones aren't well after I broke my leg two years ago still ;__;)

Make up with new nails, lenses and extensions <3

Make up & outfit from pre-brithday date with my hubby <3 Diamond tears <3

Photo from my 21st birthday! Yes, I am chubby now (marshmallow LOL), that's one of the reasons why I didn't want to post on here ;_; Wore Forever21 jeans jacket, jeans skirt from Tally Weijil, tights with crosses from Primark and long dark grey boots from CCC (Naomi). Plussss one of my gifts - watch from MK <3 I was in love with it for a long time but hell, £140?! Good that my bf saw me looking at it and bought me one <3 Thank you darling!

Cake made by me <3

My cute laptop! Old one broke down before summer, so finally got hold of new one <3 Christmas gift from my parents, wasn't even expensive but I truly love it <3

That's all for now, next post coming soon! Hopefull you didn't get bored haha <3

2 komentarze:

  1. write more so i know what's up with you <3
    love u Marze :)

  2. Dodawaj notki, żebym miała co czytać :D

    Wyglądasz zjawiskowo, w każdej stylizacji <3